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Todd Selby from April 27 to October 29, 2017. Through the photographs full of warmth and curiosity and fashionable illustrations, Todd Selby's work intimately portrays creators around the world and the spaces in which they live and work. Selby is renowned for his passion for working with creatives in diverse fields ranging from fashion to design, film, architecture and cooking. His uniquely upbeat, uninhibited works evoke positive energy and provide artistic inspiration amid the monotony of everyday life.

In this exhibition the whole of Daelim Museum, from the entrance to the exhibition spaces and the garden, is transformed into the ‘Selby House.’ Enriched with the artist's sense of humor and irrepressible imagination, 〈The Selby House〉 presents a comprehensive collection of works from his most notable photography series to colorful illustrations, films, and large site-specific installation. Over 230 of Selby's extensive works of photographs include the early images of celebrities’ homes that created a sensation on his blog, theselby.com, and the pictures of studios and kitchens of creative individuals in the fields of fashion and culinary art. Through his intimate perspective, the photos tell compelling stories of the people leading unique lifestyles, capturing scenes from their daily lives and work spaces. The images include Ambika Conroy, a designer who makes clothing from home-raised angora rabbits, Olivier Rousteing, Balmain's youngest designer, Carla Sozzani, mother of Italian fashion and the founder of 10 Corso Como, Hartwood, the restaurant located in the center of Mexican jungle, and Annie Novak, urban farmer who runs a rooftop farm in Brooklyn. The exhibition also introduces Selby as a visual communicator, who constantly searches for ways to connect with the public through his drawings of everyday subjects such as animals, food and nature, infused with his lively personality and energy. Meanwhile, the recreation of the artist's own living room, bedroom and studio provides a glimpse of the Selby’s lifestyle, where his creative outputs are born. Upstairs in the Jungle Room, the artist's childhood dreams and memories come together in an explosion of captivating energy.

The works of Todd Selby incorporate the spaces and lifestyles of individuals working in myriad fields, while also sharing bundles of stories derived from the artist's own experience. With the touch of his unique artistic style, familiar mediums, such as photography and illustration, brim with fun and joy. Inspired by the encounters and relationships formed in everyday life, the artist constantly develops his own visual language in an attempt to actively engage and intimately communicate with the general public. A place full of whimsical thoughts and freewheeling lifestyle 〈The Selby House〉 welcomes visitors and transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary.



Ambika Conroy at her Farm, Woodridge, NY, 2013

Eric Werner & Mya Henry at their Restaurant Hartwood, Tulum, Mexico, 2011

Retts Wood on her Houseboat, London, 2009

Yoshikazu Yamagata at his Studio, Tokyo, 2012

SELBY THE PHOTOGRAPHER features some 230 photos that reveal the living spaces of creators encountered by Selby across the globe, and the working spaces of inspiring figures from the worlds of fashion and cuisine. Selby, who began taking photographs in 2001, has based his work on his experiences, the places he stays and the people he meets. This project was uploaded to his blog, theselby.com, in 2008, to much acclaim. The photos here are honest accounts of the unique lifestyles of creative and highly individual figures in their respective fields.

It offers opportunities to satisfy my curiosity, travel the world,
and meet countless interesting people. Based on my encounters with various people and lessons and inspirations
I get from them, my works stay positive and lively.


SELBY THE ILLUSTRATOR presents some 160 illustrations that offer a more intimate sense of Selby as a person through his distinctive use of color and touch. Selby's illustration work began as an attempt not merely to record, but to move and resonate with viewers. While featuring simple motifs such as animals, people, plants and graffiti, these images have a strong character of their own, brimming with joy and positive energy.

Rather than technically reproducing my subjects,
I strive to bring my personality in terms of colors, aesthetic, fun, energy to everything I paint.

Tea Time with Ricki and Vix, London, 2015

Tea Time with Ricki and Vix, London, 2015

SELBY THE STORYTELLER is a series of five “resin frames” created by Selby especially for this exhibition. Designed to tell deep, rich stories of the characters in the photos they contain, these works are embodiments of Selby's imagination and his quest for ways to combine photography and illustration. The frames, with multiple layers of illustration enclosed in thick resin, beautifully express the characters in the photos and their stories.

The illustrations also give me an opportunity to express my own vision
which is based somewhat in reality but also in my own fantasy and creativity.


SELBY THE TRAVELER is an installation work that encapsulates Selby's life over a period of several years. It was born from the many long hours Selby spent on planes between Los Angeles and New York. Long, thin strips of paper painted by Selby are stuck all over the wall, leaving the pigments to mix and create a watercolor-like effect. Various illustrations symbolizing these two different parts of America are installed within the resulting space.

I’ve lived between Los Angeles and New York, spending a lot of time in airplanes flying between
my two favorite cities. So this room is a kind of time capsule that documents things I’ve seen as
well as things I’ve thought about in the airplane as I’ve flown over the United States.


SELBY THE NEIGHBOR is a series of reproductions of the artist's bedroom, studio and living room, designed to share with viewers the life of a man who spends much of his own time recording the private spaces of others. The bedroom, a curious mixture of elements from Selby's childhood, student days, home in the late-1990s, and life today; and the studio, full of the actual photography equipment and painting paraphernalia Selby uses, are a great illustration of the “Selby lifestyle,” where everyday life itself leads to creative results.

My work is very personal and comes from a place firmly planted in my childhood,
my home, my studio and the way I live now.


That night, as I fell asleep to the churn of the boat’s engine, I had a crazy dream. I dreamt that I was alone in the jungle.
I was walking down a wooden plank path, and the odd thing was each of the boards seemed to come from a differnet brightly colored tree.
II nthe distance I heard a repetitive drum beat, and the howling of a giant monkey

SELBY THE DREAMER brings to life dreams of the jungle that Selby had as a 13-year-old boy embarking on a family holiday. Though the artist once longed for an ordinary vacation on a Hawaiian beach, he found himself spending the first night on an unknown river in Papua New Guinea. This is a recreation of the sights, sounds and vivid feelings he experienced in his dream.

* All Quotation is presented by Todd Selby