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GOODS PLAY▶, 2020 © Particlefield

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The first Destination of D project space’s Journey, GOODS PLAY▶
GOODS IS GOOD, a pop-up store launched at D Project Space for art-inspired goods of Korean artists, finally leaves its home to travel unknown places,
to be a nomadic merchandising project itself. The first destination of this journey in 2020, the shop of D Museum invites GOODS PLAY▶ to present an imaginary
electronics arcade filled with exclusive merchandise in collaboration with young Korean animators. 11 artists working across a range of media and platforms,
including emojis, YouTube, and 3D motion graphics, bring together about 40 artworks and 19 types of creative goods, which features dynamic movement interwoven
with RGB-visuals and digital sound. Reinterpreting RGB screens into the space design and merchandising, GOODS PLAY▶ offers a rare opportunity to experience
the unique immersion of animation work occupying our time and space in a new way.


There are only two ways to get out of here, 2019 © pic Painting The Unknown Future

pic is a project group of 3D animation director Hyeonsu Jeon and Noh Sangho whose works transcend stories told through scrapped images into paintings.
The project group illustrates fictional mystery short stories in 3D animation, using 3D junk sources on the internet. They combine fashion design, spatial design, and
other various genres of art to create series of short fiction about the imaginative and surreal future using their unique storytelling methods. At the GOODS PLAY▶,
it’d be interesting to see how the stories are purposely connected loosely to show signs of imperfection.

Two time, 2018 © RAMDARAM The Illustrious Master Animator on YouTube

A girl in pink with a rebellious look on her face roaming a vintage-styled virtual universe is a character created by a YouTube creator, RAMDARAM,
who now makes her real-world debut at the GOODS PLAY▶. RAMDARAM incorporates highly-saturated colors with various genres of music to create 80’s
music-video-like animations using her unique self-taught production style and editing techniques. RAMDARAM has an exceptionally large number of YouTube
subscribers for an animator. For this project, the artist’s animations collaborated with GOODS PLAY▶ to be presented in an entirely new way.

2018 RIROO BIRTHDAY 2, 2018 © RIROO Ain’t No Birthday Party Like RIROO’s Birthday Party!

An Instagram-based creator RIROO, who works on various projects of illustration, animation, and stage design, wants to show off her most memorable birthdays
at the GOODS PLAY▶. RIROO has always enjoyed running into strangers at birthday parties to whom the birthday was just their excuse to be there in the first place.
So, she started organizing flashy birthday parties for her friends and herself, and everybody at the GOODS PLAY▶ is invited to her rad birthday parties filled with
upbeat music and fun visuals.

Discovery, 2019 © VOEUN Into The psychedelic World of Paper Dolls

VOEUN builds up depth of field by cutting and stacking up painted papers. Young VOEUN was inspired by the craftsmanship of stop motion clay animations,
leading her to work with textures of various papers to present dream-like stories as a professional artist. VOEUN’s moving images almost make the viewers feel
as if they’re confronting the paper dolls face to face, transcending beyond the analog world into digital technology.

SEOULMOON - We'll be here for you MV, 2019 © Inji Seo Filling Me Lusciously With Tasteful Characters And Objets

Artist Inji Seo never hesitates to show off her artistic appetite when it comes to filling the frame with luscious figures and objets.
Her artworks honestly represent what the artist likes in the way she likes them in eye-catching and brilliant colors. Attractive plump characters,
witty frame transitions, and exciting compositions are used in music videos and marketing campaigns, attracting more and more famous brands to want
to collaborate with her.

Einstein’s Quirky Habits, 2019 © Minju An Idiosyncrasy in RGB

Moving freely between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional world full of rich textures, animator Minju An leaves the viewers mesmerized
in the ever-rapidly moving frames of her works. Vivid RGB colors and quirky ideas of Minju An’s animations are available in goods at the GOODS PLAY▶.

National Gymnastics, 2017 © Lee Gyuri Perfect Trinity of colors, compositions, and sound effects

Lee Gyuri’s animations are collages of random images from the artist’s imagination where the continuity between the elements makes the viewers feel
as if they’re in the game of hide-and-seek. Complete with the foley-like sound effect, these oddly satisfying animations make the viewers feel like
their inner-thoughts are being monitored, making it irresistible to fall in love with the unique colors and the unpredictable development of the stories.

Exciting party preparation, 2019 © ileechill Bold Outline Is The New Kitsch

Illustrator and graphic designer ileechill’s extraordinary style can be defined by bold outlines, exaggerated colors, and black censor bars over people’s eyes.
The black censor bars over figures’ eyes contain keywords that lead the viewers to disperse their focus on the subject to seek more details elsewhere.
His cheerful kitschiness caught the attention of many famous brands and TV shows for various collaborations.

Particlefield Promotion l,ll, 2019 © Particlefield Sound and Movements Formed with RGB Palette full of humor

Digital creative studio Particlefield works with anything that moves on the screen across all subject matters.
Geared with retrospective and humorous RGB colors and images, Particlefield uses sound and movements on the screen to bring every element in the frame alive.

Her, 2019 © Jin Young Choi Puss in Goods - Animated Cats That Snuck into GOODS PLAY▶

There are stray cats in the room! Jin Young Choi’s exceptional love for cats gave birth to these animated cats that are lurking in their hideouts around GOODS PLAY▶.
Your mission is to find every one of them!

Daily Life of OGU, 2019 © OGU Daily Life of OGU, the platypus emoticon

Words are unnecessary to help you fall in love with the fun-packed everyday life of this beloved platypus emoticon.
OGU, the platypus, of the OGU Family has been loved by its fans in their most private space of mobile screens, and now it’s making its first appearance outside the
digital world in the big real world. OGU was created by Moon Jong Beom who majored in ceramic art and always had an exceptional love for animals.
OGU is now a part of the GOODS PLAY▶’s space and is available for exciting gifts.